Why Choose Us..!

Students will enjoy a complete college life in the years of education. They will be trained in order to their special talents and interests. Aquinas will give them the experience of a professional and advanced education system in the Jaffna peninsula. 

Event and Traditions

We are glad to welcome our students, parents and college alumni, to return college for events throughout the year, engaging them in celebrating culture, academic achievements, and have just plain fun.


Remembering the past years of  where we came from grounds us as a community and an institution and where we are today. To celebrate the endeavors, Aquinas College creates the opportunity to make its family enjoy the celebration by interacting with each other of this huge family. We always encourage new ideas and new students. Most of the events are organized and successfully executed by our students. 

Student Activities

Students will have to participate in different college activities through out the academic period. This is mostly enjoyed by the students and they also get enormous practice in certain leadership activities conducted by Aquinas. These activities basically improves the experience of leadership and management which is essential for students in all sectors. 

Lab Facilities

We have created the best lab facilities to our students. Students will be practically trained in specific sectors to excel in their education standards.

Lecture & Seminar Halls

We have created the best lecture halls for our students with air conditioned rooms and projector facilities in way that is systematized to modern learning.

Library Facilities

We have created a peaceful learning environment for the students study new things with a library facility in the college premises. Students have free access to the library.

Students Area

We have created a social space for the students to get interacted with their friends, work on their academic stuffs and its being a place to relax. 

Safety and Security

The whole college premises are surrounded with security equipment and cameras in essentials places considering students safety.

Health & Wellness

We maintain a hygienic medical space, equipped with regulatory standards for first aid purpose of students and staffs inside the college premises.

Greetings and a very warm, welcome to AQUINAS COLLEGE – Jaffna.

We have seen many seeds that grow in search of sunlight. Not all seeds require the same amount of time, sunlight, soil, manure and climate.

That’s how we know students are unique. We have seen it succeed in practice as well. Welcome and thanks to all the parents and students joining with AC.

Let me congratulate you on your decision to further your education with a graduate degree. I invite you to connect with us. Once Again congratulations on the start of a journey that will transform your career and enhance your life.

Chairman - Aquinas College
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