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Advanced Diploma Programs By Department of Language Studies

Language Studies is an interdisciplinary academic degree, learn one or multiple foreign languages and understand how languages and human communication work.

If you’re an education professional who are looking to progress into Language Studies, or in an educational planning or development role, this is the best course for you.

We provide Advanced Diploma course in Language Studies. This includes Advanced Diploma in English, Sinhala, Chinese and Spoken English. 

  • In this stage you can improve your knowledge in languages, if your chosen field is Language Proficiency.
  • Advanced Diploma in Language Studies will increase your practical and theoretical knowledge on this field.
  • This course provides a broad introduction to the subjects of your selected course and helps you gain valuable academic knowledge.
  • We will assess students with examinations and assignments to continue the next level of academic part.

Advanced Diploma Courses Under Department of Language Studies

Advanced Diploma in English

Method : Lecture
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Advanced Diploma in Sinhala

Method : Lecture
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Advanced Diploma in Spoken English

Method : Lecture
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Advanced Diploma in Chinese

Method : Lecture
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