Department of Computer Science

Department of Computer Science

Computer Science is the study of computational systems. Computer scientists mostly work with software and software systems. This includes theory, design, development, and application.

Computer Science can be divided into several fields including artificial intelligence, database systems, vision and graphics, software engineering, computer systems and networks. Computer science is being essential aspect now a days as a discipline has grown as computers become more integrated into our daily life style and technology continues to advance.


  • All industries are using data and computer technology on a daily basis. Finance and banking, gaming and mobile applications, healthcare and security all fields require special skills of professional computer scientists.
  • You can get global opportunities by acquiring computer science knowledge. It is one of the most demanding field in the world.
  • By studying computer science you will develop skills that can be useful in any career. Being analytical and a good problem solver are skills essential for any job.
  • Computer science provides you the knowledge of how you interact with information and the role of computers in your day to day life. This can support you to play an important role creating technology that improves society.

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Department of Computer Science

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