Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management

Outstanding Academics Essential

Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management program is a long course provided by Aquinas College which gives an advanced knowledge in Hospitality Management.

Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management will provide you a broad and deep knowledge about the main sectors of this field. End of the course you will be able to develop your career in this field.


Travel & Tourism


Food & Beverages

Some of the major sectors of Hospitality Management is food and beverages, travel and tourism and management. You can get a clear and deep knowledge of these aspects in this course.

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Entry Qualification

By the end of this course students will be able to understand about hospitality industry. It will help them to easily learn to use a property management system as if they are working in a hotel. Students will develop core hospitality competencies such as hotel/food and beverage operations, performance and control, marketing strategies, front desk operations and customer service.

Course Duration: 18 Months

Students who prefer to select certificate in web development course must have the entry qualifications mentioned below:

  • London/ Sri Lankan Ordinary Level (O/L).
  • Candidates must be above 16 years old.

 Introduction to ethical hacking Introduction to computer networking
 Legal issues of hacking  Hiding online identity
 System hacking  Introduction to cyber security
 Network scanning  Vulnerability analysis
 Evading IDS, Firewalls and honeypots  Cyber-attack techniques and tools
 Virus & Malware analysis  Mobile Exploit writing
 Penetration testing  Wireless network hacking
 Cryptography  Cloud computing
 Social engineering  Project

Why Study Here?

Aquinas College is one of the best institutes in the Jaffna peninsula. We provide several courses that have good career opportunities in the global market nowadays. We have a specialist lecture panel to guide and train our students. Our experienced panel not only equip students with academic knowledge but also professional skills required to succeed in their field of this changing world.  Aquinas College has a range of modern facilities like air-conditioned classrooms, computer labs and library service for students.