About Aquinas

History of Aquinas

Formed by an enthusiastic trio with a drive to deliver and teach the next generation of exceptional students. Therefore, together we decided to make the future better for everyone by creating smarter ones. Founded and launched as SR City Campus in 2015 within the streets of Jaffna Bazaar road using our simple abode of our garage containing only 3 chairs.

Starting only with 3 students in the first year of enrolment within Media Studies course, the flexible structure and resources began to influence the number of enrollments. Thus, leading to a spike in number of students enrolled through the years of 2016 and 2017. However the quality of educational never waned and continued to be upheld at the highest level. In the year 2018, our college became the one of the best educational institutions as shown by the shear number of new student enrolments.

On the 17th of August 2019, our institution got registered under the Sri Lankan Companies Act and re-launched under the name Aquinas College. The institute, which started with the Ordinary Certificate courses, today offers more than 20 Diploma courses, Bachelor’s degree and Postgraduate studies among 2 branches across many regions.

Now with more than 1000 students, what started as ‘Future for Intelligence’ is today, on the right track towards a new milestone in a journey ‘Towards a better society‘ through offering exceptional education.

Our Vision

Committed to create caring, responsible and disciplined individuals in the society towards the future.

Our Mission

Our students will be prepared to face the challenges of communication, information technology, soft skills and creativity to achieve a better future.

Our Goal

To engage leaners in personalized learning opportunities that will decrease the academic issues by focusing on the critical attributes of the learners.

Reason to select Aquinas College


Aquinas had graduated more than 500 students in the past few years. Every student of Aquinas is specially trained in their own talented area. We are awaiting to produce more skilled graduates for the society to make a forceful future. 

About College

College on a tour designed for prospective professional students. Our college has advanced facilities for students learn in a pursuing environment. Air-conditioned lecture halls with digital learning materials. Interactive and advanced lecturing techniques used by our team to make students convenient in learning their choice.


We are providing internationally recognized certificates to our graduates. Its glad to join hands with the well recognized educational institutes abroad. This partnership supports and brings the best quality products of the nation.

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