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College on a tour designed for prospective professional students. Our college has advanced facilities for students learn in a pursuing environment. Interactive and advanced lecturing techniques used by our team to make students convenient in learning their choice.

Department of Computer Science

Computer Science is the study of computational systems. Computer scientists mostly work with  software systems. This includes theory, design, development, and application.

Department of Management Studies

Management is the study of business administration and execution. It covers all the aspects needed to operate a business and develop the key management skills.

Department of Language Studies

Language Studies is an interdisciplinary academic degree, learn one or multiple foreign languages and understand how languages and human communication work.

Department of Science

Science is a systematic study of things that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe.

Department of Arts Studies

We have an international classroom, a student-centered approach in lecturing, keeping our education standards high, and providing career guidance to our students in the art studies field.


Research is the creative and systematic work undertaken to increase the stock of knowledge. It involves the analysis of information to increase understanding of a topic.

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The Aquinas Curriculum

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The specifically planned sequence of instruction at Aquinas College is all about students experience in terms of our instructional goals. It is not only about academic stuffs, it also considering the extra curricular activities and personal development aspects. Education consists academic and personal development of each individual.

Our Administration panel

- Meet Our Team -

Mr Sivaneswaran Sumanan


Miss Mahendran Helan Ruxey

Managing Director

Mr Ravicharandran Partheepan

Students Counsellor

Miss Kanagalinkam Aarkkavi

Branch Coordinator

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What Our Students Say... !

Students Testimonials
  • I am a bachelor’s student of Aquinas College I was originally interested in increasing my knowledge of the business field I was so impressed by the level of support and structure the courses and lecturer offered, I have completed successfully my degree, and now I immigrate to my MBA to London South wales University. I am grateful for the opportunity

    Mr T.Pakitharan

    (Medical Delegate)

    BBA Student
  • The Department of Management, Aquinas College Jaffna offers various programmes. I have completed a Bachelor of Business Administration as I always had an interest in the business. I particularly wanted to pursue my master’s degree of Aquinas because I wanted to broaden my knowledge base with the help of such experienced and helpful faculty.

    Mr S.Kesavan

    (HSBC - Jaffna)

    BBA Student
  • I would recommend Aquinas College Jaffna and would help students to study themselves as much about the academic opportunities the college offers, our college provide the educational mission to heart, Here you will find people that will encourage you and lead you on the path to your degree. I prefer Aquinas for tertiary education.

    Miss P.Suganya

    (Co/Bond International)

    Dip. in English
  • Aquinas College is my second home. I have built great relationships with my colleagues, lecturers, and management, Being at Aquinas College Jaffna has been a beautiful experience for me that has helped me grow personally and professionally. I also like the fact that Aquinas is a pretty safe place to study and live. I wish you all the best.

    Mr M.Pathmavithusan

    (J/Vayavilan Central College)

    Dip in IT
  • I completed my first degree in Business Administration at Aquinas College. I choose Aquinas College for a reasonable fee structure and experienced lecture panel.

    Thank you Aquinas College for providing me such a platform to learn with theoretical and practical knowledge of Business Administration.

    Mr S.Sivatharshan

    (Charted Accountant)

    BBA Student
  • The quality of the BSBA program is at a high level. I learned a lot from the daily discussions, lectures, and assignments. The lessons I learned and the experiences I’ve had, will definitely help me in the future.

    My college experience at Aquinas gave me an awareness of my strength and on branding myself.

    Mr R.Sarankan


    BBA Student

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